Maligne Lake, 2017
speaking pianist
Pianist Michael Park

Passacaglia in Imitation, 2015
Flute Mark McGregor, clarinet Liam Hockley, violin Marcus Takizawa, cello Stefan Hintersteininger

Poem, 2014
erhu and piano
Erhu Nicole Li, pianist Corey Hamm

Three Poems by García Lorca, 2014
art song
text by Federico Garçia Lorca
Bass Peter Monaghan, pianist Winnie He

Canon, 2013
piano solo
Pianist Yekaterina Utegenova

I Run, 2013
art song
text by Marjorie Chan
Mezzo soprano Lynne McMurty, pianist Steven Philcox

Piano, 2013
art song
Baritone Max van Wyck, pianist Nina Horvath

Ancora, 2013
violin duo
Violinists Rose Saurette and Gabriele Theilmann

Ash, 2012
electronics and prerecorded sound

Cherchée, 2012
piano solo
Pianist Angelique Po

Chanson, 2011
art song
Soprano Amber Gauthier, pianist Madeline Hildebrand

Bright Dream, 2011
Flutist Vanamali Medina, cellist Laila Baek, pianist Braden Young

Pour Toi Mon Amour, 2011
art song
Soprano Simone McIntosh, pianist Angelique Po

Story, 2010
piano duo
Pianists Grace Lee and Stephen Holt

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